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Will probated 28 November 1717 in Queen Anne County, Maryland.

George purchased twenty-five acres of land near the head of the Choptank River. This river is a major tributary of the Chesapeake Bay and the largest river on the Delmarva Peninsula. 
POWELL, George I (I88)
Anthony emigrated from England to America in 1637 arriving at the Port of Boston, Massachusetts. 
FISHER, Anthony (I149)
Edward is a direct descendant of King Henry Pllantagenet II, b. 05 Mar 1133, King of England. Henry’s direct descendants were: King John Plantagenet, King Henry III, King Edward I, King Edward II, and King Edward III. 
WINSLOW, Edward (I3338)
George was a grocer at 471 N. 3rd in Philadelphia. 
BICKHAM, George (I35)
George was born in England about 1637. His parents are unknown at this time. His first appearance in the records of New England is on September 29, 1657, when he married Elizabeth, the eldest child of Benjamin and Bridget Crisp. George and Elizabeth had twelve children, all born in Watertown. Elizabeth died in 1681, and George then married Elizabeth, the widow of Joseph Holland. She was a younger woman with two small children. In 1691, George was excused from serving as constable, "in that he could not read a word." George's will, dated 1707, mentions his wife Elizabeth, two youngest children Joseph and Rachel, sons George, Benjamin, and Daniel, daughter Mercy Baker living at Yarmouth, daughter Grace Edes at Charlestown, daughter Elizabeth Whitney at Stow, daughter Hannah Sawtel at Groton, daughter Judith Sterns of Cambridge Farms, daughter Mary Flagg, daughter Sarah Rider, daughter Martha Dix, and granddaughter Mary Earl. Sons Daniel and George were appointed administrators at the request of the widow. Inventory of the estate was dated April 5, 1709. He died on March 21, 1708/9.

George's funeral must have been quite an affair, the charges against the estate for the funeral include 16 gallons of wine, hatbands for the six pallbearers, 43 pair of gloves (for all those in attendance?) and a scarf. 
LAWRENCE, George (I188)
Helen and John were parents of:
Anna Edes Bradshaw, Jul 1878
Susan Fisher Bradshaw, b. 26 Jun 1883 - d. Jul 1975
John Ward Bradshaw, Jr., 25 Feb 1884 - d. 23 May 1966 
SMITH, Helen Marina (I13)
Henry Collings Ranney was born in Exeter, England, on July 22, 1831, and received, while a youth, an academic education, and learned the business of a druggist and pharmacist. In 1849, he emigrated to America, first landing in New York. He subsequently went to Cleveland, Ohio, where, in 1850, he entered the employ of Patrick Anderson, an extensive grain and commission merchant. In 1857, Mr. Anderson removed to Chicago, with Mr.
Ranney as bookkeeper and confidential manager, which position he held until 1861, at which time he succeeded to the business. On January I, 1862, he formed a copartnership, under the firm name of Ranney & Inglis. The business was conducted under this name until January, 187S, since which time Mr. Ranney has continued the business under the firm name of Ranney & Co. Mr. Ranney was a member of the Board of Directors in 1866-67, and served as a member of the Committees on Arbitration and Appeals one term each. He is at present a shipping commission merchant and dealer in options on 'Change. He became a Master Mason on November 14, 1853, at which time he was raised in Iris Lodge, No. 229 at Cleveland, Ohio. He was Master of the lodge in 1856 and 1857. On April 6, 1854, he became a Royal Arch Mason and a member of Webb Chapter, Cleveland, and January 3, 1855, became a member of Oriental Commandery, No. 12, of Knights Templar, and was the secretary and recorder respectively of these three organizations during a period of two years. In Chicago, he affiliated with Oriental Lodge, No. 33, and in 1872 became a charter member of St Andrews Lodge, No. 704, with which he is still affiliated. He has filled every office 'in this lodge up to, and including, that of Worshipful Master. In 1857, he united with LaFayette Chapter, No. 2, of which he was high priest in 1860. In 1857, he also became a member of Apollo Commandery, No. I, K. T , and was eminent commander thereof in 1861. He severed his connection with this Commandery in 18S0, and became a charter member of Chevalier Bayard Commandery, No. 52, and was its recorder for three years. About 1858, he became a member of the Council of Royal and Select Masters, and in 1S60, was grand master of the Council. In 1857, he took all the Masonic degrees, up to, and including the 32d, of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and in 1866, received the honorary degree of Sovereign Grand Inspector General, the 33d and last degree of that rite. Mr Ranney was grand recorder of the Grand Commandery of Illinois from 1861 to 1864; and grand commander of the Knights Templar in Illinois in 1865. He was also junior grand warden of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar U. S. A., from 1865 to 1868. He was Master of Rose Croix Chapter, A. & A. S. Rite, nine years ; and commander-in-chief of Oriental Consistory, S. P. R. S., 32°, from 1871 to 1873. He has been an active member of the Episcopal Church since his arrival in Chicago in 1857; was a member of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Illinois, and is now a member of Grace Episcopal Church. 
RANNEY, Henry Collings (I24)
Inscription on grave stone:

“Here lyes buried ye body of Capt. Daniel Fisher aged about 63 years. Departed this life Novr. ye 17th 1713. 
FISHER, Capt. Daniel (I140)
Isabella and Francis were parents of two daughtersl

Stella Jane Wilson, b. 09 Jan 1873 - d. 21 Feb 1961
Mary Gertrude Wilson, b. 05 Jan 1874 - d. 20 May 1950

After Isabella died, Francis married Hannah Jones. 
KESSLER, Isabella F. (I20)
John Fiske was born about 1619, according to his age given at death. He was probably born in Weybred, Suffolk, England. According to New England Families, he was the son of Nathaniel Fiske and Dorothy Symonds. He came to New England as a young man and took the oath of fidelity in Watertown in 1652. He married, on December 11th, 1651 in Watertown, Sarah Wyeth. They had at least ten children born in Watertown. He died on October 28th, 1684, his age being given at the time as 65 years. His estate was inventoried on November 28th, 1684. It had a value of L 94, s 10. John had brother, Nathaniel, born in 1615, who also emigrated to Watertown.

Genealogy and Personal Memoirs, by Wm. R. Cutter, vol. 2, pg. 1094-95:
John Fiske, son of Nathaniel and Dorothy Symonds (Simonds) Fiske, was born in England about 1619, and died in Watertown, Massachusetts, October 28, 1684. He came to Massachusetts with his brother Nathan and his father Nathaniel. The mother had probably died in England. The father died on the passage over. John may have come to New England in 1637 with the Fiske -Allen company, which included the John Fiske family of six, Rev. John Allen family of three, the Tuttle family of six, Edmund Thompson and wife, the George Barrell family of five, the John Fiske family of three, Martin Underwood and wife, the Henry Chickering family of four, the Francis Chickeringfamily of four, the David Fiske family of three, Nathan Fiske and wife, the William Fiske family of six, the Phineas Fiske family of five, and the Benjamin Cooper family of eleven. This company was made up of families from the northeast Suffolk and south Norfolk area. John took the oath of fidelity in 1652. The inventory of his estate was made on November 28, 1684 and amounted to L 94 10s. He married December 11, 1651, Sarah Wyeth, only child of Nicholas by his first wife. Children: John (died young), John, Margaret, Mary, William, Martha, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Abigail. 
FISKE, John (I218)
Joshua was a Patriot in the Revolutionary War. His record is as follows:
Daughters of the American Revolution
Ancestor #: A119492
Service Description:  1) CAPT, LEX ALARM, COL GREENE
WALKER, Captain Joshua (I230)
Obituary for Talcott

“Greenwich, Conn., April 6
Funeral services will be held today for Talcott W. Powell, 36-year-old author and editor, who died at the Greenwich Hospital Sunday morning following an operation for a ruptured appendix.
Powell, former editor of the Indianapolis Times, is survived by his widow, Helen Ranney Powell, a son, David, a daughter, Edes, his parents, Dr. Lyman P. Powell and Gertrude Wilson Powell of Mountain Lakes, N. J.; and a brother, Francis W. Powell of New York City.
The services will be conducted by Dr. Powell at Christ Episcopal Church. Cremation will follow at Ferncliff Crematory, White Plains, N.H.
Powell was born in Lansdowne, Pa. He was graduated from Wesleyan University and in 1933 he became editor of the Indianapolis Times, retiring in July, 1935. He was also formerly connected with other Scripps-Howard newspapers including the New York World-Telegram.” 
POWELL, Talcott Williams (I2)
One researcher has traced the ancestry of Timothy Walker back to King Edward I of England, b. 1239. 
WALKER, Hon. Timothy A. (I39)
Sarah was the oldest daughter, and only child with his first wife, of Nicholas Wyeth of Cambridge. She was born and baptised in England, in 1632, probably in Saxstead, Suffolk. According to the History of Watertown, Sarah married John Fiske on Dec. 11th, 1651 at Watertown. Sarah and John had at least ten children, all born in Watertown. John died on Oct. 28th, 1684. The date of Sarah's death was probably July 21, 1701, when a deed she and her sons had signed was executed. The deed itself was signed in 1694. Her daughters Sarah, Margaret and Mary recieved, at age 18, a legacy from their late uncle, John Clarke, a brother of her mother, Margaret Clarke of Westhorpe. Her daughter Martha received a similar legacy on June 2nd, 1684. 
WYETH, Sarah (I219)
15 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WILSON, Rexford (I50)
The children of Lucy and Henry were:
Mary Raney, b. Aug 1871
George Alfred Raney, 13 Jul 1874
William St. John Raney, b. 24 Jun 1877 - d. 26 Feb 1957 
BUTLER, Lucy Ann (I25)
“John Eades was a ship carpenter from Lawford, Essex Co., England where he was baptized April 6, 1651, after his birth March 31 of the same year. The details of his arrival in America are not known, although he eventually settled in Charletown, MA. He married Mary Tufts in 1674 with whom he had 6 children. He was one of 6 absentee men impressed for war in 1675.” 
EDES, John (I193)
“The name Fiske is simply an older form of fish.” In Anglo-Saxon times the termination “-sh” was regularly sounded hard, like “-sk.” The breakfasting “Engliscman” of those days ate his “fisc” from a disc.” 
FISKE, Anna (I38)
19 "Fisk Jemima and Abner Smith of Bellingham" Family F57
20 "Here lyeth ye Body of Nicholas Stone / aged 76 years / died December ye 9th 1689." STONE, Nicholas (I3497)
21 "Tombstone Inscriptions in Burying Ground St. Michael's & Zion Church" - "John Lawrence, who departed this Life Aug. 27, 1798, aged 69 years" His remains were later re-interred at Philadelphia Memorial Park in Frazer, Cheshire Co., PA. LORENTZ, Johan Valentine (I102)
22 "William Read dyed by a shott November 7th 1688; his brother Timothy at unawares in the woods shot him in stedd of a dear." REED, William (I2292)
23 12 April 1899? see "necrology" at http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ilgssi/Cairo/obits_1900.html WILSON, Charles W. (I66)
24 Abner of Cumberland, and Mrs. Rhoda Thompson, int. Mar. 7, 1757. Family F2351
25 Abraham Staples was the first white child born in Mendon. STAPLES, Abraham (I4996)
26 Accidentally killed FLAGG, John (I852)
27 Adjutant George W. Wilson was accidentally shot and killed at night by a sentry guard from a New York troop. WILSON, George Washington (I80)
28 After her husband's death, Abigail was warned out of Bridgewater in 1732. HARDING, Abigail (I3303)
29 Allen Fisher is said to have sold his first wife, Eliza Levering, to get rid of her. (Such was a custom ca. 1815.)
-- see http://civilwarthosesurnames.blogspot.com/2011/11/they-sold-their-wife.html 
Family F1455
30 Although she is not listed in the History of Weymouth, Bassett-Preston lists Hannah as the daughter of Capt. Joseph Poole and Hannah Holbrook. POOLE, Hannah (I3695)
31 Alvin Fisher of Norwalk made a dish of toadstools supposing them to be mushrooms, and after eating them, died in consequence. FISHER, Alvin (I3221)
32 Ann had a "violent domestic quarrel with Ferdinando and his sons to whom he deeded his property, partly at least to prevent her from acquiring it.... She departed from Ferdinando after 1700, when he made an agreement "to be shaft of her." Family F2536
33 Ann Taylor POWELL, Ann (I249)
34 Anne Boylston's uncle, Dr. Zabdiel Boylston (1679-1766) of Boston, introduced the vaccine inoculation for small pox. BOYLSTON, Anne (I3330)
35 Arthur Harris is said to have been last heard from when he wrote to his brother Isaac from and English ship in 1703. HARRIS, Arthur (I3292)
36 Asa Hubbard was born blind. HUBBARD, Asa (I4259)
37 At his death, Dr. Walker willed gifts to Amherst College, Tufts U., Massachusetts Institute Technology, Boston Society Natural History. His contributions to educational institutions totaled over $1,000,000. WALKER, Dr. William Johnson (I1790)
38 At Smithland, Ky., in October last, Oliver Clark, Esq., formerly of Boston. CLARK, Oliver (I2975)
39 Benjamin Fiske was the father of 14 additional children by his second wife Margery. Family F634
40 Bond's Watertown says he died 25 June 1769, but this is after his widow m. Abraham Bemis. WHITNEY, David (I1093)
41 Bridget Crispe may have died during an Indian attack on Groton on 13 March 1675/6. Bridget (Mrs. Benjamin Crispe) (I200)
42 Buried at Bucklebury, Berkshire, England CHEWETT, William Cameron (I3564)
43 by Hannah Call EDES, John by Hannah Call (I3023)
44 Came by wagon train to California to mine gold. He was a 49'er. He then crossed panama on trip back to Philadelphia where he was married.They then sailed back to California in a clipper ship to San Francisco and planted a vineyard in St Helena.

-- Ancestry.com family tree 
Family F2115
45 Captain Charles Wilson was a carpenter and builder in Philadelphia, which latter place he left to remove to Cairo, Illinois, where he now [1895] resides. He served as a soldier and was captain of the old Monroe guards, of Philadelphia, which helped to put down the Philadelphia riots of 1844. He wedded Mary Bickham, a daughter of George Bickham. They reared a family of six children WILSON, Charles W. (I66)
46 Captain Screech left Salem, Mass., for Europe on 13 Oct 1739. That was the last report of his sailings from Massachusetts. SCREECH, Capt. Robert (I184)
47 Catharine Hubbard was born blind. HUBBARD, Catharine (I4260)
48 Charles and Mary were married in the Old St. George Methodist Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, by John Lybrus Family F18
49 Chelsea was first called Winnisimet MELLEN, Simon Jr. (I934)
50 Christopher died in Kent County, leaving a will dated 4 Aug 1706, proved 1 Sep 1707. SPRY, Christopher (I330)

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