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51 Daughter of Elder John Strong STRONG, Sarah (I4806)
52 David Hoyt was captured by Indians in the attack on Deerfield and died of starvation on the march to Canada. HOYT, Dea. David (I4805)
53 Death notice published in 15 Dec 1792 Columbian Centinel. WHEELOCK, Samuel (I3831)
54 Edward Dix was age 19 when he sailed to America. DIX, Edward (I775)
55 Edward Johnson was one of the commissioners appointed by the church in Charleston to plan the settlement of a new town, called Woburn. He appears to have led that effort. JOHNSON, Capt. Edward (I725)
56 Edward Winslow died aboard ship and was buried at sea near Hispaniola, en route to Jamaica. WINSLOW, Gov. Edward (I3340)
57 Edward Winslow m. Magdalene Oliver at St. Brides, Fleet Street, London. Family F1506
58 Edward Winslow was chosen Governor of the Massachusetts Colony, 1644. WINSLOW, Gov. Edward (I3340)
59 Eleanor was the widow of John Adams of Plymouth. NEWTON, Ellen (I3348)
60 Eleazer Johnson was a slave-owner. JOHNSON, Eleazer (I186)
61 Elizabeth Long POWELL, Elizabeth (I245)
62 Ephraim Smith was blind and he was a town charge from 1707 to 1737. SMITH, Ephraim (I1043)
63 Family notes say that Francis was born in County Antrim and that Mary was a Catholic, and that they arrived in Philadelphia in the 1790s. WILSON, Francis (I45)
64 Family notes say that Jane was born "at sea" on her parents sailing from Ireland to America. WILSON, Jane (I42)
65 Ferdinando Thayer resided at Braintree, Mass., until his father's death in 1665. He then removed with a company of settlers to Mendon, Mass, where he became one of the largest landholders in that town. THAYER, Ferdinando (I3145)
66 From his father's estatge, Daniel received the family farm, which had belonged to his grandfather, Isaac Stearns. STEARNS, Nathaniel (I893)
67 George Partridge was elected Constable and Surveryor of Highways. PARTRIDGE, George (I2760)
68 George Partridge was elected Constable and Surveryor of Highways. PARTRIDGE, George (I2769)
69 George Powell bought a 40-acre parcel of land "adjacent to William Hall" in 1822. HALL, William (I241)
70 Gerard Spencer may have moved to London. SPENCER, Gerard (I392)
71 Gilbert L. Thompson came to Ottawa in 1840. Kept a drug store a number of years. Was member of Ottawa Lodge, No. 114, Grand Lodge of Kentucky. Was charter member of Occidental Lodge, No. 40, and at an election of officers held June 23, 1846, was elected Senior Warden. Was Worshipful Master in 1847. He died October 26, 1895, and was buried by Occidental Lodge, according to his wish. He was held in high esteem as a citizen and a Mason.

-- from "The White Apron; a compilation of the history of Occidental Lodge, no. 40, A.F. & A.M., Ottawa, Illinois." 
THOMPSON, Gilbert L. (I3273)
72 Hannah Buckingham died giving birth to Thomas. Hannah (Mrs. Thomas Buckingham) (I469)
73 Hannah Copeland died unmarried. COPELAND, Hannah (I5508)
74 Hannah Smith, the wife of William Fiske, was the daughter of John Smith and Mary Beach of Watertown. Mary records cite her mother as Mary Beers, which is incorrect. (The original record is clearly "Beach" with the same "ch" script as in "March" a few lines later.

There is another Hannah Smith, the daughter of Joseph Smith and Hannah Tidd. That Hannah married Thomas Mead. (See Watertown, pp 364 & 434.) 
SMITH, Hannah (I217)
75 He resided in Boston Mass., 1651 to New London, CT,
Richard Haughton, shipwright, at Boston, Mass, removed to New London CT,
HAUGHTON, Richard (I666)
76 He settled in the western part of what is now Reading about 1689, 16 years after he married, in 1673, the daughter of Capt. Jonathan Poole. He built the fourth house in that part of the town. Like his father, he was a military man and was an officer 1675-76 in King Philip's Indian War. On 12 July 1689 he was chosen lieutenant in a Lynn company and, on 30 Aug. 1689 he was appointed lieutenant of the soldiers of the lower Middlesex regiment who had been impressed to march against the Indians. In his work "Magnalia Christi Americana," Rev. Cotton Mather states that "on 5 July 1690 the Indians set upon Capt. Hilton's garrison in Exeter, and Lt. Bancroft, then posted at Exeter, with the loss of a few of his men, relived them. He made such a vicious charge upon the Indians that they fled without scalping the fallen." ("Thomas Bancroft of Dedham & Reading, MA," NEHGS "Register," Vol 94, pg. 215)

Thomas was active in civic & local affairs: in 1676 he and Jonathan Poole petitioned the Governor and Council proposing changes in the policy of town management; in 1686, he was assessed to pay Indians for lands occupied by the town; in 1694, a member of the first separate board of assessors; and in 1695, on a committee to improve the church. He was a deacon of the church and a Selectman. He srved as juror in 1666, 1669, 1672, 1674 and 1681 and on the Essex Co. grand jury 1674, 1675, 1679 and 1681. He was appointed constable for Lynn in 1681 and acted as appraiser of estate and deceased persons. 
Family F988
77 He was a soldier in the French War and died of measles when approachingBoston on his way home from Port Royal.The Mendon VRs report that Ephraim was "buried at sea about 3 leaguesfrom Boston." DANIELS, Ephraim (I3836)
78 Hempsted's diary 206 "Old Mrs Butler taken with the numpalsieand died"
258. "Mr. Butler the oldest man in the Town almost diedtoday this afternoon 7 days illness aged 80 years. Mon. 26 March1733.
Thomas Butler brother of John died Dec. 20, 1701 aged 59.
Will - New London Probate Mar. 28, 1733. 
BUTLER, John (I344)
79 Henry Sargent Ranney was named for his uncle, Henry Sargent who married his aunt, Susannah Ranney. RANNEY, Henry Sargent (I111)
80 Hepzibah was taken prisoner by Indians when they attacked Deerfield in 1704 and was killed on the march to Canada. BUELL, Hepzibah (I4793)
81 Horace Cook, M.D., died of a "fit of palsy." COOK, Dr. Horace (I5188)
82 I remember my grandmother telling me how her father who was a doctor took her on his rounds in his horse and buggy and she loved those expeditions. Her younger  sister Stella, was not included which also seemed to please her.

Per Edes: Gertrude always wore blue; her sister Stella always wore red. 
WILSON, Mary Gertrude (I8)
83 In 1608, Richard Thayer, shoemaker, age 40, was described in a list of military men of Thornbury as "... of the tallest stature, fitt to make a pykeman." THAYER, Richard (I3149)
84 In a footnote in the Woburn vital records, births, it states, "Benjamin Pierce, Sr., sometimes called "Sergt. Benjamin," was probably born in 1664. PIERCE, Sgt. Benjamin (I1777)
85 In Abraham Staples' will he notes that his son John had been "denied the use of such reason whereby he might be capable to improve his estate..." STAPLES, John (I5337)
86 In Cambridge, William Spencer was a Selectman in 1635, Town Clerk, 1632-35, Deputy or Representative to the General Court, 1632-37, Lieutenant of the first Cambridge Trainband in 1637, and one of the four original members (1639) of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company. By 1639 he removed to Hartford. SPENCER, William (I4427)
87 In her book on the Sanders Family of New England, Gwen Sanders Cravens argues (with some merit) that Richard Thayer may have been married twice -- that Ann [Gibbs?], his first wife, died in 1590 and that he married a woman whose surname may have been Dimery before 1592 who was then the mother of his children. Family F1426
88 In his father's will, Joseph is described as "in a distracted frame and not able to manage any business." JOHNSON, Joseph (I1836)
89 In the 1900 census, Mary (Kessler) Carr states that she was married for 8 years --> her husband died in 1866. CARR, Michael M. (I367)
90 Increase Winn was the first child born in Woburn WINN, Sgt. Increase (I2436)
91 Indians attacked the Algers' garrison house in Dunstan and, failing to capture it, burned empty houses and killed both Alger brothers. ALGER, Lieut. Arthur (I1819)
92 Isaac Harris lived in a house ten rods back of William Allen's house, on the north bank of Satucket river. This road, no doubt, went about where it is now, east of the Whitman house, now Swallow house, and over Matfield river, where the Turnpike bridge now is, and up the hill between the Mitchell and Howard land, as may now be seen, and was probably then laid out through a wilderness. John's bridge, in this record, means the old bridge over Mattield river at the Turnpike bridge. HARRIS, Isaac (I166)
93 Israel Brainard died while a student at Yale College. BRAINARD, Israel (I4382)
94 It would appear that Isaac separated, or perhaps deserted Mercy for a period of time for we read that "Robert Latham and his daughter Mercy, wife of "Isaack Harris", complained to the General Court at Plymouth that Harris "departed the government leaving her with her child; the court took action 5 July 1669."This was early in their marriage, and they must have patched things up, for they went on to have a large family. Family F75
95 Jackson Wilson died at Millersville State Normal School WILSON, Jackson (I33)
96 James Chilton died aboard the Mayflower in Cape Cod Harbor CHILTON, James (I316)
97 James Trazarre was captured and died in prison at Andersonville. TRAZZARE, James E (I305)
98 Jane Jones POWELL, Jane (I246)
99 Joan married George Marshall sometimne between Dec 1562 (the burial of John Perry) and Feb 1571 (the will of her son John Perry). Family F719
100 John and Anne (Knopp) Philbrick, and their daughter Sarah, died when their ship sank en route from Hampton to Boston. KNOPP, Anne (I4689)

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